Solid Furniture made from Recycled Wood

Recycle and reuse now is a lifestyle. Many of us has been applied it even to our daily life by using reuse bag for shopping, recycle plastic bottle and many more. People more concern about this green issue, thus it makes their life style more environmentally friendly. However, secondhand furniture or recycled furniture is still having second thought for many people. Well, actually antique solid furniture has remarkable beauty and quality, because old-fashioned furniture usually made in finest wood, especially one made from teak wood.

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Recycled Teak

Beside its aging look and perhaps old-fashioned style and design, recycled teak wood offers several advantages over furniture made from new wood. Using old furniture is environmentally friendly, because we do not have to use new wood to make furniture. Particularly for teak wood, which today in Indonesia, it has strictly regulations that manage by the government. Some furniture manufacturers in Indonesia also use reclaimed teak wood for furniture materials. It is commonly used old wooden railroad or old wooden house constructions. It is certainly eco friendliness.

Old wooden furniture or reclaimed teak furniture has distinctive design and style, which usually bring unique impression to home interior enhanced. Some old teak furniture is made in fully crafted and ornaments on its surface. It certainly requires high craftsmanship during the process, so the item is more precious than machine made furniture. Other old solid teak furniture may looks simpler in design and style, but its quality of material is still excellent. This type of furniture gives a vintage looks at home. the impression created brings uniqueness to all interior design.

How does about the durability of that furniture? Is it able to last to next decade or more? On the other hand, does it need particular treatments? Well, the furniture is guarantee for the durability, because it has been used since years before. Even aging looks of solid furniture gives more value to its appearance and uniqueness.

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