Welcome to WISANKA, the right place for qualified and absolutely updated product with 19 years reputation. As one of wooden furniture manufacturer dan exporter leader in Indonesia, we will provide trully satisfaction for each business and product you require. The expertise of our managerial team and workmanship – both handmade and machine production process – will provide the best business relationship and surelly good products.

Kind as long experience has made WISANKA mature in controlling and preserving the business, then character has built by itself. In consideration of customer’s satisfaction is our priority, the skills of our team will make it true  and a long term business relationship will be realized. As hardwork, worship and joy is the atmosphere that we have built in each of our work, it will appears in every single product we created as well as every service. Confidently,  sure we can.

Finally, we humbly hope that with all the ability of our team as well as our qualified products  are going to provide both  significance and benefit to every business we do, and conclude that your good intentions to choose WISANKA is an excellent choice.

Then here we proudly declare, WISANKA is an EXCELLENT CHOICE

The Team of WISANKA