Distinction of Engineered Wood and Solid Wood Furniture

Home furniture has different function today. In the past, we found that furniture item was used only to accommodate homeowners’ needs, but now furniture is decorative art also. The presence of home living furniture adds particular ambiance and impression desired. Therefore, wide array of furniture are presented in various styles, designs and materials. As one considered as luxury item, solid wood furniture usually enhance home interior and garden.

Solid Wood FurnitureSome people may confusion differentiating furniture made in solid and engineered. Both wood materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, which is adjusted with the need of homeowners.  Unfortunately, some advertisement says the furniture shop sells furniture in wood solid. The term of wood solid is actually engineered wood.

Engineered wood is processed wood that bind the strands, fibers, veneers, particle or else together under heat and pressure to from composite materials. Engineered wood is common used as indoor furniture material. The material is designed for optimal uniformity, as it is manufactured material. Engineered wood is more inexpensive than solid wood material. Furniture made from engineered or processed wood usually has veneered layer that mostly use wood material that is more expensive. It is in order to give the look of the furniture.

Why does solid wood usually consider as expensive and quality furniture? It is certainly because of its quality presented. Solid wood refers to wood material that does not have any hollow spaces. Therefore, it is more dense and heavier than furniture made from processed wood.  Otherwise, the availability of the material causes its expensive price. Since long time ago, solid has been used to show some prestige and luxury. A wide range of solid wood furniture is made in fully crafted and ornamented design to emphasize the lavishness. Today in order to accomplish market demand, solid furniture is designed in simple and modern style, which is more suitable for modern home living spaces.

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