It is Beautiful, It is Safe and it is Solid Teak Furniture

Green life style seems influence many aspects in our life, including in using daily products and furniture selection. Furniture is one of must have item for home interior, but not many people are concerning about choosing appropriate and safe furniture. If we need chair, we just buy chairs that are comfortable enough to be sitting on. It is similar to other furniture as well. We do not much consider whether it is solid teak furniture or engineered wood furniture, as long as it suit to our budget and preference, the furniture will goes with us.

Some said the using solid wood material is not Eco friendly, because it uses whole wood for furniture. Otherwise, other furniture made from processed wood or other material does not mean toxic free or does not use any harmful ingredients, which may cause detriment to our health and life. Well, some opinions that said using solid wood is not “so green” perhaps thinking about old-fashioned deforestation, which is surely dangerous for natural sustainability and conservation.

Solid Teak Furniture

In the present day, more and more furniture manufacturers that concerning in natural preservation. Even it is one of the company policies. The material used now comes from managed and sustainable forests instead of complete deforestation. More furniture manufacturers and suppliers use certified wood for the materials as increasing customers demand, for instance destination countries from Europe, United States and Australia and others countries more to come.

Solid teak furniture from sustainable forestry is more qualified and of course, it is legal. Therefore, buyers and importers are safe to imports the furniture to their countries. Beside the advantages for manufacturers and buyers, sustainable forestry practices supports world’s forests to grow and keeps world supplies of wood materials. If we use certified and legal wood material from sustainable forests, solid wood furniture is greener than other furniture claimed Eco friendlier.