Sophisticated Solid Teak Furniture

Teak is always a finest selection to all woodworking, including furniture, flooring and others. Teak furniture has been considered as good quality of wood furniture since many years ago, particularly solid teak furniture. In the present day, the materials used is varied. The material is not only using new wood, but also reclaimed or recycled teak wood. This type of material brings both environmental benefits and aesthetic aspect.

Solid Teak FurnitureIn Indonesia, numerous furniture manufacturers use recycled or reclaimed teak wood for their furniture material. All products are available in wide ranges of style and design to accomplish all home living spaces. The companies even offer furniture products along with certification that inform the source of the wood used. Certification is often used for teak furniture made from new wood, in order to give information to all customers. Therefore, customers know how the company gets the wood and their contribution to preserve nature.

As mentioned before, reclaimed teak is commonly used old structure of wooden house or else, such as railway, shipping container or even boat decking. Beside its remarkable durability and density, the material usually comes in large and broad planks, so it is very suitable to use as furniture material. The wood can be used just as it is or cut down into pieces in accordance to the needs.

Old wood used has excellent beauty of its natural grain. In the past, people only selected mature wood to use as woodworking material. Therefore, the quality, density and beauty are undoubtedly. The wood is very strong to be used as home furniture, such as bed, wardrobe, cabinet, or the most common is used as dining table and chairs. The beautiful color and grain enhance all dining rooms; even draw attention of guests, who invited to dinner. Solid teak furniture made from recycled wood is suitable also for outdoor and patio furniture. Its density is able to bear up with outdoor weathers, even to the extreme weather condition.

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