Best Teak Wood Furniture from Indonesia and Its Advantages for Sale

Teak Wood Furniture Indonesia

Furniture made from teak wood is considered the best material. Teak wood furniture has high durability and is solid. Many manufacturers in Indonesia use this wood to create furniture for sale since the sale price is high. The global market also considers this furniture as a luxury product.

The pieces from teak wood are timeless. Over time, the transformation does not change a lot because of its quality. It remains beautiful with proper maintenance. This is why many retailers and wholesalers are into this furniture. Which pieces are good, and what are the advantages?

About Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood is the sturdiest wood and the highest quality wood in the world. Its existence is popular globally. Because of its timeless criteria, wood furniture manufacturer suggests wholesalers and retailers sell this furniture. Its popularity makes it a good and promising business.

Teak wood grows and is produced under strict control to ensure its quality is good. The construction to design as furniture is highly supervised where the low quality one will not pass the QC to produce. You have to work with a trusted teak wood furniture manufacturer to get the best quality product to sell

The Best Teak Wood from Indonesia

Perhutani teak wood

Perhutani Teak Wood
Perhutani Teak Wood

This wood comes from Perhutani which is controlled and grown by the Indonesian government. The wood is one of the best categories for solid wood furniture. The quality itself is the top that many furniture factories in Indonesia will buy from Perhutani for their production.

This is the most expensive teak wood that you may find in Indonesia. However, you will not question its quality because the grade is A-level for furniture and other production. Retailers and wholesalers can ask manufacturers about this wood type before importing.

Village teak wood

Village Teak Wood
Village Teak Wood

Some teak wood furniture is made from village teak wood. This wood is produced and grown by teak wood farmers. They grow it for years, then they sell the ply or timber to furniture manufacturers. Even though it is from farmers in the village, the quality and durability are excellent.

If you are about to sell in retail and wholesale, you may consider this teak wood because its production is fast. There are many teak wood farmers in Indonesia, such as Sulawesi and Kalimantan that can supply their teak wood production to be made as furniture.

Golden teak wood

Golden Teak Wood
Golden Teak Wood

Teak wood in Indonesia is also grown by the teak wood community. Even though it is different from Perhutani which is controlled by the government, this community ensures that gold teak wood has excellent quality. They are easy to find as furniture that is exported to Europe and the US.

This teak wood can be grown within 7-15 years only and the size of the tree is long. One tree can be made for a lot of furniture, so it will not be a waste. Since it grows faster, you can rely on your retail and wholesale to order this type of Indonesian teak wood manufacturer.

Nusantara superior teak wood

This teak wood may have lower quality because of genetic engineering. It grows as a full-grown tree in five years only and then is made for furniture. Though it is not as good as other types, Nusantara Superior has a good market for many types of furniture such as chairs, tables, and cabinets.

The price of this teak wood is cheaper than other types. This is cultivated by many farmers in Sulawesi and has become a good business. Many furniture productions in Javanese use this type for domestic and overseas requests. Nusantara Superior is quite popular in Europe as well.

Sulawesi teak wood

Sulawesi is one of the biggest producers of teak wood in Indonesia. The quality of teak wood from this area is excellent; they send the logs to Java Island, and then they are produced as teak wood furniture. Since its quality is as good as Perhutani, furniture from this wood is expensive as well.

The level of sturdiness of this wood is high. This is why this solid wood is made into many types of furniture, such as wardrobes, closets, dressers, a living set, and other teak wood furniture indoors. Though the price is expensive, retailers and wholesalers will find it easy to sell this furniture.

Teak Wood Advantages for Sale

Flexible furniture

Some furniture is not flexible. They are either outdoors or indoors so the buyers should choose carefully. Teak wood is different because it can withstand harsh weather and be good as well for indoor placement. Both places can show their good elements and functions.

Durability level is high

Even when the items are not sold immediately, wholesalers and retailers will not worry about it. Teak wood furniture is highly durable even after years. This wood is sturdy and strong even when the weather is extreme. The contents of natural oil and minerals are the reasons.

Good price for sale

Indonesia furniture manufacturer recommend global retailers and wholesalers to sell furniture made from teak wood because the price is good. They can mark up the price and people in Europe or the US will still find it worth buying. Teak wood is reliable for people who barely change the interior.

Beautifully aging

Some homeowners prefer teak wood furniture outdoors to place in their houses because this wood ages beautifully over time. Even when it gets exposed to UV and other kinds of harsh weather, the outer layer only changes its color to silvery gray.

This process does not take a short time. This is another reason why most Europeans will choose teak wood furniture for both interior and exterior. The quality does not change since it is still sturdy. It improves trust in retailers and wholesalers that sell this furniture.

Withstands scratches

Retailers or wholesalers that are going to expand their business by selling furniture made from teak wood do not need to worry about scratches during the shipping process. Teak wood is popular because of its stubbornness. Imperfections can be removed by using sandpaper.

Teak wood furniture captivates many homeowners. This is a great opportunity for retailers and wholesalers to import furniture from Indonesia furniture factory. We can send a minimum 1×20-foot container for export that helps you to expand your furniture business.