Why Solid Wood is Excellent and Find Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturer for Wholesale

Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturer

In the furniture industry, you may be familiar with the term solid wood. This term describes the excellence of many types of wood that solid wood furniture manufacturer use for production. The wood is produced from real trees, yet the trees consist of many types.

Because of its sturdiness, solid wood is popular in the world as the main material to create furniture. Craftsmen all over the world favor this wood because it has good potential in the furniture business. Indonesia has solid wood furniture manufacturer that can export the outputs to many countries.

The Wood Types Used by Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturer

Teak wood

Teak Wood
Teak Wood

Teak wood from Indonesia is the most popular solid wood that you may find in the world. Its durability is excellent, especially coming from a mature teak tree. Even though it gets flooded, the quality will not decrease. It does not need extra maintenance. This is why furniture made from teak wood is the most expensive in the market.

Indonesia furniture manufacturer produce the product from controlled solid wood, either from the farmers or the community. The grade of teak wood is so strict that imperfect wood will not be able to pass the QC. This solid wood should have an A-level of strength and pest resistance, so the furniture will last for years.

Even though the price is expensive, it is worth the price because of its durability. Teak wood is waterproof and easy to clean. This wood is the perfect choice for a solid wood furniture living room, both outdoors and indoors. Wholesalers find it easy to sell a set from Indonesian teak wood in the market since it is trusted.

Mahogany wood

Mahogany Tree
Mahogany Tree

This solid wood is one of the most used for Indonesia furniture factory because of its aesthetic side. It is prominent and stunning. The durability of mahogany wood is high. Over time, it looks prettier even though the color has changed into reddish brown. Mahogany furniture is well-known as a high-end furniture in the world.

For many manufacturers, this wood is solid yet the workability is very high. Working on this wood is easy because the surface can be smooth fast. The finish of mahogany furniture is excellent for many types of home concepts. Mahogany is also stable, which will not change in design and structure even after some years.

Since this solid wood is promising for a luxurious look, it is a good opportunity for retailers and wholesalers to resell this furniture. The quality of mahogany is premium with an architectural accent. Thus, the value of this furniture is very high because it is sustainable and low maintenance. This combination is promising for the furniture business.


Oak wood solidteakwoodfurniture.com
Oak wood solidteakwoodfurniture.com

There are two types of oak, white oak and red oak. Both are aesthetic for solid wood dining table with chairs. The appearance of this wood is natural and many people use it for solid wood coffee table as well, both indoors and outdoors. However, the more durable one is the white oak. It can stand for more than fifty years with good maintenance.

Besides natural rattan furniture, Indonesia is also a high-quality manufacturer of furniture made from oak. Most people use this wood for doors and windows. Some others use this wood for cabinets in the kitchen because it is lightweight yet easy to clean. Homebuilders can work efficiently with this type because of its softer texture.

Oak wood furniture is solid wood furniture that retailers and wholesalers can sell at a good price. Oak is available in many countries, so it is familiar to many homeowners who want to decorate their houses using this furniture. You can place an order with at least a 1×20 ft container and get some oak furniture for retail and wholesale.

Solid wood from pine

Pine wood solidteakwoodfurniture.com
Pine wood solidteakwoodfurniture.com

Pine wood is good to be made for furniture. Even though its quality is still under teak wood, solid wood furniture from pine can be long-lasting. Having pine wood furniture at home can accelerate the atmosphere of the exterior and interior. Plus, it is quite cheap compared to other solid wood.

Indonesia furniture manufacturer considers this solid wood to produce because pine has good stock. Pine can grow well and fast in Indonesia. For this reason, furniture stock can be so reliable for retail and wholesale. The country has exported pine wood furniture to many countries. Most buyers like the design and quality.

The wholesalers from Europe and the US can order furniture made from pine wood easily from Rattan Indonesia. Our company filters the quality of pine wood to produce. Retailers and wholesalers have been working with us to import our products to their countries since the sale makes a profit for many years.

The Advantages of Solid Wood Furniture

It is naturally beautiful

Solid wood is popular in solid wood furniture manufacturer because it is naturally beautiful. The pattern on the timber is not made. It is also eco-friendly for solid wood beds. Those who appreciate the pattern of wood and its friendliness to the environment will find this wood a great choice for furniture. When it is older, the color might change yet it is prettier.

It is durable

The durability of solid wood is high and you can see it lasts for many years even though it gets exposed to harsh weather and UV. The pore in solid wood has a small size that prevents mildew and fungus from growing on the surface. For this reason, many people choose solid wood for their outdoor furniture because it is long-lasting.

Easier to customize

Customizing the solid wood is very easy for the craftsman. As long as the design and structure are clear, the furniture from solid wood is easy to sell in the market. The result mostly is aesthetic and fits any kind of home concept. Yet, the owner should maintain its cleanliness to make its life span longer than it should be.


Solid wood furniture manufacturer from Indonesia can provide the best-quality furniture that the global market demands. The price is very affordable, but its durability is high. Retailers and wholesalers can order 1×20 ft containers for a minimum and mix the furniture to adjust the customers’ demand from your country.