Maintaining Your Teak Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture made from teak is undoubtedly for its durability and quality. Since teak wood has remarkable characteristics that made it suitable used as outdoor and garden furniture. The presence of teak outdoor furniture even strengthens the ambiance on your outdoor spaces. Therefore, teak is popular as outdoors.

Maintain the beauty of teak furniture is the next job to do after purchasing teak furniture for your lovely garden. It is important to keep it in good condition meanwhile to keep the beauty as well. Teak wood has beautiful natural colors, which varied in yellowish golden colors. Teak, however suffer some discoloration often fading out from its natural colors. The colors will turn to silvery gray patina. Perhaps it looks dull and lack of interest, but some people consider it even looks stronger and more attractive. Before you want to take some treatment for you furniture, decide first which appearance you love the most.

Teak Outdoor Furniture

Patio set made from finest teak usually left unfinished. The quality teak guarantee for its durability so it does not need any protection or else to keep them durable. This type of teak furniture, which is unfinished one, may age after several months of use. The color does not effect to its strength, only the appearance. Otherwise, it is easier to care for teak outdoors that has been allowed to develop a patina. The only treatment you need is periodically cleaning to remove all dirt and stain over the surface. You will need mixture of mild soap with water and a soft bristle brush. Use the mixture all over the surface then brush it gently in accordance to its grain, then you will not damage the surface. Rinse well with clean water then allowed it dried completely. Then you will have your garden furniture clean.

On the other hand, if you decide to keep the natural color of your teak outdoor furniture, you must take particular treatment. It might be a bit difficult, but you will not regret for the result. Teak oil is able to keep its honey color much longer.  Teak oil will absorb to the wood, so it requires more layer to apply on the surface. Let the first layer dry for 1 to 2 hours before apply the second layer. The numbers of layer depends on the furniture age you treated.