Solid Furniture and Other Wood Construction

People love wood as their choice for home furniture. Wood always success to create natural impression and bring warm ambiance to all home living spaces.  Wood furniture has long period of history. Design and style of furniture has been develop into various type of furniture as well as it materials used. In the previous time, before machinery has not used in the furniture industry, solid wood furniture or even made from whole timber were common pieces. Otherwise, the furniture is handmade by professional and skillful furniture maker and woodworker.

Solid Wood FurnitureThroughout development of furniture industry, lots of furniture manufacturers use machinery to supports their production process. It is in order to meet all market demand within short delivery time. Beside the improvement of production process, material used is not only using solid wood or timber. Many of wood constructions used to create variety of home living furniture and decorations.  Therefore, customers need to know type of materials used for furniture.

Some people may confuse about term of wood furniture. Well, wood furniture does not always refer to solid wood, such as all wood construction. All wood means all the part of furniture use wood material, which is able to use both solid and engineered wood. In addition, engineered wood refers to processed wood. This wood construction is widely used for furniture or other purposes. The wood is strong enough for indoor purposes. Engineered wood is available in two kinds that is plywood and particleboard.

Solid wood certainly offers durability and quality over other types of wood construction that mentioned before.  It is made from solid pieces of wood that cut from timber or log, then used to be furniture material. Solid wood furniture that has been kiln dried in the initial process, consider the finest product. Kiln dried is a process to dry and reduce moisture content in the wood. reducing moisture content enables to increase the quality of the wood, because it is more strong and durable as well as resist to any termites and fungus.