Solid Teak Furniture; a Perfect Piece of Home Furnishing

Most people will consider about the price first when they talk or think about solid wood furniture, especially one made from teak wood. It is not a secret that solid teak furniture is pricey among other furniture. The furniture is rather expensive compare to home furnishing made from engineered wood. However, its expensive price brings other consequence. You will get utmost quality of furniture from solid teak, durability and strength that will last more than decades or even century.

Solid Teak FurnitureSolid teak means the furniture is made from solid pieces of wood or even uses whole timber, which is very rare today. The wood has been through particular treatment to obtain certain standard of quality. It allows the wood left unprotected without lessen its quality. Therefore, teak wood is considered as king of outdoor, because of its distinctive characteristic.

In Indonesia, teak has been used in many purposes of human life and activities, ranging from home and building construction, boat decking, to home furniture like what we talked about. This valuable commodity has been exported to many countries around the world. It is what makes Indonesia famous for its quality teak wood. Some regions in Indonesia also develop furniture industry that mainly uses teak as the material. In the past, furniture or woodworking made from teak wood was mostly made in fully crafted woodworking. Teak is easy to work with and strong, wood workers love to use the wood as their material.

In the present day, many of furniture manufacture in Indonesia develop teak furniture in various designs and type. It is purposed to meet worldwide market demand that continue to rise.  Variety of solid teak furniture is available in both indoor and outdoor furniture. The collection also presented in modern and simple design, which is different from the past time. However, old-fashioned teak furniture still have particular customers.

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