Solid Teak Furniture at Its Finest

In the human history, wood has been one of the oldest materials that used by man. Wood is used in many purposes of human life, as in architecture, construction, furniture and other woodworking. As we know, many types of wood enable to use for those purposes and teak is one of the most popular wood material on earth. Teak wood has been great choice of material if you are looking for finest quality and durability, as well as solid teak furniture.

Solid teak wood has been considered as the finest material, therefore it make the price more expensive than other material. Besides its quality, scarcity of the finest material is also a reason why teak is getting more expensive today. Massive logging in the past that is illegal and irresponsible logging cause many problems including the lack of the sources and other environmental issues. In order to preserve nature and sources, Indonesian government takes a policy to manage teak regulation in the country, which no one cannot use or cut the tree irresponsibly. Otherwise, teak needs long time to harvest and produce finest quality wood for material.

Teak wood furniture is the finest furniture among others. It is used for home furniture, but its performs its best for outdoors. Teak outdoor furniture requires less maintain. Teak wood is a king for outdoor. Indoor teak furniture gives nice and warm look in the room, when the distinctive of teak decorate the house. Other purpose is flooring. Since long time ago, teak has been used for boat and ship decking. Then it is developed into house flooring and patio decking. Teak flooring accentuates the natural looks of the house, in which creating uniqueness and comfort.

Throughout the development of wood furniture, some furniture companies look for other alternative materials. Recycled teak is one of it. Reclaimed teak is getting more popular today as it is more distinctive and exotic to use as furniture. Although, the color looks dull and lack of interest, but the quality is remarkable. Recycled teak furniture use old materials like old wooden house construction, railway track and others. Solid teak furniture both new and old wood always bring uniqueness and luxury.