A Statement Furniture in the Dining Room; Reclaimed Dining Table

The best thing of furniture is when we found out that the furniture is durable, sturdy and even long lasting for decade and more. Perhaps one of furniture that was belonging to our grandparents still stands in the living room or dining room at home. The quality of wood material used may be the best one, so the furniture may stand for many decades or more.

Teak is one of finest wood that is known for quality home furniture. It is including old teak wood, which usually called recycled teak or reclaimed teak. Reclaimed or recycled teak wood becomes more popular today. It is because the impression of rustic style strengthens the natural ambiance of the room decorated.

Rustic style of home interior gives unique impression, as we can feel the natural living through our daily life. Dining table made in rustic also brings distinctive looks for the room. Reclaimed dining table looks sturdy and elegant in the same time.

Reclaimed teak wood is an old teak wood that used to be an old wooden house construction, building or railway deck. The wood usually made from old and finest quality of teak wood. Therefore, the quality of the wood material is undoubtedly, although it has been used for long time. Otherwise, it shows the quality and durability of the wood itself.

Reclaimed dining table made by Solid Teak Wood Furniture, as seen in the picture, is combined with other material. Aluminum is used for the frame to create distinctive impression. The table looks more modern yet emphasizes unique texture of the recycled teak wood.

This type of dining table provides more than a conventional dining table. The table can be functioned both for indoor and outdoor purpose. Reclaimed teak wood would be able to resist outdoor weathers more than other wood.